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The Connecticut for Lieberman Party (CFL) rejects the fraud perpetrated on the members of this party and the citizens of Connecticut by Joe Lieberman when he used the creation of this party to get on the general election ballot in 2006. The CFL is an independent, anti-war, anti-corruption, pro-fiscal responsibility, pro-democracy party, that stands for individual liberties and real problem-solving in government. The CFL wants everyone to know that in the United States of America, voters are free to join any party they wish, and participate in the democratic process according to the laws of Connecticut and the United States.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fox News Channel segment on CFL


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Let Joe Stay said...

To say I am happy right now would be a great understatement. Sens. Reid, Dodd and others ignored the few, but loud, angry voices calling for retribution against Senator Lieberman and instead decided no to punish Joe for endorsing and supporting his friend, John McCain. We, the netroots community in support of Joe, congratulate him on his recent victory. Way to go, Joe!